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The Philadelphia Federation of Teachers Health and Welfare Fund was established to provide members and their qualified beneficiaries with collectively bargained benefits, including prescription, dental, vision, long term disability, professional development and retirement counseling. This website describes all the benefits that are available to you as a Participant in the Fund, and the conditions under which the benefits are available. For detailed information about each benefit, please click on one of the above links or read the Summary Plan Description.



The Philadelphia Federation of Teachers Health and Welfare Fund recently filed a complaint in the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas against Endo Pharmaceuticals. Endo has been deceptively and misleadingly marketing its opioid prescription drugs for years, much in the same way that tobacco companies used deceptive marketing tricks in the past.  As a result of Endo’s tactics, the PFT’s Health and Welfare Fund has spent millions of dollars on prescription drugs that were unneeded, ineffective and harmful.  With this complaint we aim to hold Endo accountable for their actions and obtain justice for our members.

Important Updates and Reminders

Message to New Members:

  • Health and Welfare Benefits (dental, vision and prescription) are effective upon Five (5) months of service.
  • In compliance with the Affordable Care Act, participants have the option of purchasing months four (4) and five (5). Call the Health and Welfare Fund office at (215) 561-2722 for more information.

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New Employees

Active Employees

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Nearing Retirement

Act 48 Compliance Period

Act 48 Compliance period‐The Public School Code was further amended to extend “each professional educator’s current continuing professional education compliance period” by one year. Note. This is a one‐time only extension. After this compliance period, the compliance period under the statute is five years.


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