Teachers planning to retire at the end of June may retain their Personal Choice or Keystone coverage through August 31, provided that the Office of Retirement receives a “Notification of Retirement / Resignation” form on or before April 15.  Forms may be obtained on-line at or by contacting the Retirement Office located at The School District of Philadelphia, Department of Human Resources, Retirement Office, 440 North Broad Street, Suite G-8, Philadelphia, PA 19103, Phone 215-400-4680.  To locate the forms on line at the School District’s site, type, then click on Employees column on the right hand side – click Retirement, 2nd paragraph click the link to “Notification of Retirement” form and download form. REMEMBER to call the H&W Fund Retirement Office at 215-561-2722 to make an appointment for questions and answers regarding your retirement options.