Did you know…?

  • Both Personal Choice and Keystone offer a nutrition counseling benefit.  Up to six (6) visits per calendar year at no cost to the employee as long as you see an in-network provider.  To find a provider, go to www.ibx.com and register for an account. To search for a provider, enter the provider’s name or specialty (example: registered dietitian) or simply click the search button and begin your search. When you are logged in as a member your results are tailored to your specific network.


  • Keystone has a Pediatric Dental Program for children under age 12.  For more information on how to use this coverage, click here.


  • Confused by the term ‘out-of-network’ (OON) and wondering exactly what an OON benefit will pay?  If you see that the plan pays a 70% OON benefit with a $500 annual deductible, the visits to this OON doctor are paid only by you until you’ve paid the full $500 deductible.

After you’ve paid the first $500, the next $100 would be reimbursed in part, like this:

Your Plan pays 70% OON of ‘reasonable and customary charges’.  So maybe the Plan says for this doctor, R&C charge is $60, even if you were charged more by the doctor.  70% of $60 = $42.  You get a check for $42.  For every visit during the benefit year, after you pay the first $500, you get reimbursed 70% of what the Plan determines is reasonable and customary.


  • Anything else you’ve been wondering about? Send a message via the ‘Contact Us’ link and we’ll be sure to answer your question and maybe add it to the ‘Did you know’ section.