Did you know…?

  • Both Personal Choice and Keystone offer a nutrition counseling benefit.  Up to six (6) visits per calendar year at no cost to the employee as long as you see an in-network provider.  To find a provider, go to www.ibx.com and register for an account. To search for a provider, enter the provider’s name or specialty (example: registered dietitian) or simply click the search button and begin your search. When you are logged in as a member your results are tailored to your specific network.


  • Keystone has a Pediatric Dental Program for children under age 12.  For more information on how to use this coverage, click here.


  • Confused by the term ‘out-of-network’ (OON) and wondering exactly what an OON benefit will pay?  If you see that the plan pays a 70% OON benefit with a $500 annual deductible, the visits to this OON doctor are paid only by you until you’ve paid the full $500 deductible.

After you’ve paid the first $500, the next $100 would be reimbursed in part, like this:

Your Plan pays 70% OON of ‘reasonable and customary charges’.  So maybe the Plan says for this doctor, R&C charge is $60, even if you were charged more by the doctor.  70% of $60 = $42.  You get a check for $42.  For every visit during the benefit year, after you pay the first $500, you get reimbursed 70% of what the Plan determines is reasonable and customary.

  • Are you having a problem with your medical coverage?  Health and Welfare Coordinators are always here to help, and there are also two Independence Blue Cross Health Coaches specifically dedicated to SDP employees.  They are:
    Nancy Delozier, RN, BSN: 215-241-2397
    Theresa O’Connor, BSN, RN, CWOCN: 215-640-7267

Anything else you’ve been wondering about? Send a message via the ‘Contact Us’ link and we’ll be sure to answer your question and maybe add it to the ‘Did you know’ section.