About Quest PD

Quest Professional Develoment

The Philadelphia Federation of Teachers and the Health and Welfare Fund established Philadelphia Quest Professional Development through its Educational Issues Department to provide high quality professional development for teachers, paraprofessionals and Philadelphia schools. The Fund plays a key role providing professional growth for Philadelphia’s teachers and paraprofessionals. The Fund began this effort in 1974 by organizing and sponsoring annual Programs for Teaching Educational Conferences. In 1998, the Fund began to provide support for individual schools in high poverty areas.

The Philadelphia Federation of Teachers, like the American Federation of Teachers, realized teachers were hard pressed for time to read detailed research reports and found it even more difficult to get resources and support necessary to internalize and utilize information. The Fund provided critical support to implement the AFT’s Educational Research and Dissemination program (ER&D). ER&D professional development leaders offer AFT’s courses throughout the year. The Fund partnered with universities and the School District of Philadelphia to offer high quality professional development for graduate and Act 48 hours.

Recently, the Fund recruited and trained cohorts of School-based Professional Development Leaders who present customized workshops and courses in their schools. The Fund also has a team of expert professional development leaders who provide induction, designs and presents professional development courses and workshops. Professional Development Leaders also train School-based Professional Development Leaders. Our professional development is specifically designed to improve student achievement and enhances the day-to-day process of teaching and learning. Philadelphia Quest Professional Development is a unique organization that exceeds expectations and goes far beyond the established norms of any teachers union.