Benefits for New Members



  • Employees who begin working by the 15th calendar day of the month, will receive Health and Welfare Fund coverage effective on the first (1st) day of the following month. Employees who begin working after the fifteenth (15th) calendar day of the month, Fund coverage will become effective on the first (1st) day of the next succeeding month.
  • The provider is Capital Rx.
  • Retail at any participating pharmacy provides a 30 day supply. Co-pay is $6.75 Generic and $9.50 Brand.
  • Retail or Mail order provides up to a 90 day supply for one (1) Co-pay.
  • Names of all eligible dependents will appear on the Rx card. Notify the Fund office if a dependent name is not listed.


  • Participating dentists must accept the total allowed charge as the fee, however the member may share some responsibility for charges as not all services are covered at 100%.
  • See the list of participating dentist in the ‘Active Member’ tab.


  • Two vision plans are offered: Basic Program and NVA Program.
  • Basic: You pay the provider and get reimbursed a portion by the Fund after you and the provider complete the form and submit to the Fund office at 1816 Chestnut Street.
  • NVA: No outlay of money for basic charges if you visit a participating provider. See the list of providers in the Active Employee tab.
  • Keystone also has a vision benefit. Go to the ‘Active Member‘ vision tab for information on how to access this benefit.

PA Public School Employees Retirement System (PSERS)

  • New members are automatically enrolled in Class T-E with a 7.50% contribution rate which may fluctuate depending on investment performance.
  • Class T-E Pension Benefit Multiplier = 2.0%
  • Members have 45 days to elect Class T-F which has a contribution rate of 10.30% and also may fluctuate depending on investment performance.
  • Class T-F Pension Benefit Multiplier = 2.5%
  • Be sure to complete and return any paperwork you receive in the mail from PSERS.

Professional Development

  • The Fund is an Act 48 approved provider.
  • The Educational Issues Department offers professional development workshops and courses ranging from classroom management, effective instruction, literacy, mathematics, technology, science, social science, special education and world languages.
  • School-Based professional development leaders provide professional development at schools.
  • Strong Beginnings provides Teacher Induction and year-long support for new teachers.
  • Programs for Teaching is the Fund’s annual educational conference.

Enrollment forms and additional information can be obtained from the PFT office in room 175 at 440 N. Broad or by calling the Health and Welfare Fund Office at (215) 561-2722