Act 48 Compliance Period

Act 48 Compliance period‐‐The Public School Code was further amended to extend “each professional educator’s current continuing professional education compliance period” by one year. Note. This is a one‐time only extension. After this compliance period, the compliance period under the statute is five years.  


Available Information To Members

PSERS web site has information available regarding the new classes, T-E and T-F. especially for new members.   PSERS shows you their option to convert to T-F.  The link is below, If you are interested, follow the link –


Teachers planning to retire at the end of June may retain their Personal Choice or Keystone coverage through August 31, provided that the Office of Retirement receives a “Notification of Retirement / Resignation” form on or before April 15.  Forms may be obtained on-line at or by contacting the Retirement Office located at The…



The PFT Health and Welfare Fund wants to remind those members thinking about retirement to be aware of Act 43.  Act 43 allows retirees to continue to purchase the basic health care they had purchased during COBRA until they become eligible for Medicare.  To take advantage of Act 43 retirees must meet one of the…