The PFT Health and Welfare Fund wants to remind those members thinking about retirement to be aware of Act 43.  Act 43 allows retirees to continue to purchase the basic health care they had purchased during COBRA until they become eligible for Medicare.  To take advantage of Act 43 retirees must meet one of the following requirements.

  • Have been granted a disability retirement benefit by PSERS, or
  • Have retired with at least 30 years of credited service, or
  • Have retired under normal (not early) retirement conditions.

When you receive a COBRA letter from the School District, note carefully the time period offered.  If you have any questions, please call the Fund at 215-561-2722.

If you lose time from work while on workers’ compensation status, a retirement deduction will NOT be made.  Upon your return to work, you are eligible to purchase service credit.  You may contact the Retirement office at 215-400-4680 for further information.